Have you always wanted to volunteer in Africa? You have come to the right place. Volunteer with a bigger purpose “L.A.M.I.A” offers over 50 different volunteer projects that gives room for individual volunteers to discover some of the most inspiring destinations as one contributes to projects focused on making a meaningful impact on nature and above all volunteer will have a chance to leave an outstanding mark in Africa 

Tanzania is where Asia meets Africa. You can visit local markets, buy batik fabrics, taste a local brewed coffee and learn directly besides the Maasai, sukuma and chagga tribe. Take in the breathtaking and mind blowing backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro or the amazing view of the lake Victoria throughout your trip, spend your weekend on an escape getaway to the famous island of Zanzibar or take your time with the lions and elephants in the beautiful Ngorongoro crater, even with the whole time in the world you would still not have enough time to have enough of the beauty of the land in Tanzania

Where in Tanzania do you want to make different

”I loved my placement and the people I was able to work with. Volunteering was truly a life changing experience that I will treasure for the rest of my days. My accommodation was wonderful and I felt safe the whole time. I think I learned more from the kids than I ever could have taught them. lEAVEAMARK INAFRICA were so wonderful through my entire experience, thank you so much for everything!”