Tree Planting

Tree planting activities as among the primary objective of LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA, explores, volunteers and interns are prone to planting a minimum of four trees(fruit and natural trees)whether you are traveling for wildlife safari or you are working as a volunteer in one of our our programs LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA appreciates and acknowledges the impact you will leave on the community and still offers you an even more exciting chance to leave a forever leaving mark on the African soil, imagine planting a tree which will then be engraved with your name and details on it, getting a certificate with the precise location on the area you left a mark and LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA takes care of the trees for you while updating you on the development of your work ,To see the work of your hands live to bear fruits is a priceless opportunity LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA offers just that experience, picture as you get an email saying your fruit tree has given birth to its first new babies then  you get a taste of your own work (fruit)/ blend a juice from your own tree or take some fresh fruits back home Indeed you would have lived the moment and at the same time Left your mark on Africa and the world 



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