About Us

About Northern Coalition

Northern Coalition for Extractives & Environment is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit making Coalition, registered by the Coordinator of NGOs under NGOs Act No. 24 of 2002 with Reg. No. 00NGO/0009373. The Coalition renders services within the urban and rural communities in Tanzania.

Northern Coalition for Extractives & Environment (NCEE) is a coalition established in 2014 by member CSOs in Northern Tanzania regions where there is ongoing oil and exploration, dedicated in building capacity and raise awareness to different stakeholders including but not limited to the local government authorities, local communities and CBOs on oil and gas issues.

The coalition is involved in advocacy on policy reviews and engagement particularly in environmental policy, Natural gas policy, Energy policy, Local content policy, Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines and other issues related to natural resources management and good governance for the aim of advising the government to arrive at a better decision that benefits the nation.

Mission Statement

To mobilize, reinforce and coordinate stakeholders’ efforts geared to promote environmental and social accountability and transparency in the extractive exploitation and extraction and ensure equitable distribution of resources resulting in social and economic benefits through capacity building, lobbying and advocacy, forums and dialogues.

Vission Statement

Extractive industry takes into account sustainable environmental, social accountability and good governance and those citizens are legally and effectively engaged in environmental protection


Community engagement

  • Capacity building to local communities to increase level of understanding in resource management.
  • Community preparedness in terms of skills development and involvement in employment opportunities.
  • Raising awareness to local communities for the aim of regulating high expectations in regards to oil and gas projects.

Government commitment

  • Practicing good governance in natural resources, inclusiveness of stakeholders, clear policies and information sharing.
  • Land acquisition and compensation process
  • Provide vocational education to the youth in various carders
  • Support entrepreneurs through capacity building and soft loans

Media engagement in raising public awareness

  • Publishing Research and findings for analytical and reliable information on oil and gas
  • Ensure effective information dissemination through mass media including local television, radio and newspapers.